My name is Sacha, I'm 20 and I'm a 2nd year art student. My posts will mostly consist of homestuck, one piece, random art, things I find funny and so on and so forth. I really should get around to making an art blog. Someone remind me. So Hi nice to meet you :D. OH AND IM FROM KIWI LAND SO THATS EXCITING.

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baby top still showing more skin than the original

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television: favorite shows
My name is Ned. I live a simple life. I wake pies and make the dead. That was creepy. I make pies and wake the dead.

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twinkle twinkle little star

why is art so fuCKING HARD

#up above the world so high#i cant draw the OTHER EYE

twinkle twinkle little FUCK


what the-

I give up.

This is my anthem

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the fact that there’s only about 5000 people who’ve reblogged this scares me. That means that less that 5000 people know where these come from.

I feel old…

very old

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Marie Antoinette and her little sister

I get it

I finally get the joke

I don’t get it…..

They both lost their heads. 


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As I promised,

Another giveaway YAY ~  

I’m just really grateful to have you guys, and this is like my way to giveback to you all for supporting & loving my blog. I don’t know what to say more, Keep Smilling I love you 

What you’ll win:

  • 으르렁 (Growl) Album Korean Version
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  • Baekhyun (Light) Symbol Necklace
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  • Worldwide Giveaway.
  • Maximum of 10 reblogs per day.
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  • If you’re under 16 please have your parent’s permission.
  • Have your askbox or fanmail always open so I can message you, in case you win. And will be able to send your address to me (Don’t worry I will not stalk you.)
  • The winner has 1 day to respond to my message,  if he/she doesn’t respond any within that day, I will pick another winner.

p.s I will not reveal the winner publicly bc the winner in my last giveaway received so much anon hates, I just wanted to protect the winner itself so be alert everytime.

Just message me if you still have questions.

I wish you goodluck 파이팅~!

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how t o kiss boy

  • walk over to a boy
  • extend your limb, caressing his cheeks tenderly
  • without moving your head or body, extend your lips so they meet the edge of his ear
  •   NOOOT NOO Ot;